What counts as contributing to your word count?

You need to copy and paste this to the start of your assessment before submission through Turnitin.
Seminar Tutor:
Module Title: Programme Title:
Module Code: Year of Study:
Word Count: What counts as contributing to your word count? Almost everything you write, including direct quotes and paraphrasing. Writing out the question in full, in-text- references, and contents of the bibliography/reference list do not. For Criminology assignments you are required to use the Harvard Referencing system, so please do not try to circumvent the word limit by making points in footnotes.

Plagiarism Declaration
By attaching this front cover sheet to my assignment I confirm and declare that I am the sole author of this work, except where otherwise acknowledged by appropriate referencing and citation, and that I have taken all reasonable skill and care to ensure that no other person has been able, or allowed, to copy this work in either paper or electronic form, and that prior to submission I have read, understood and followed the University regulations at http://www.uclan.ac.uk/information/services/sss/quality/regulations/section_g.php#G7_UnfairMeans_to_Enhance_Performance

Assessment Criteria
Available in your handbook and on Blackboard. Self-Evaluation:
Simply rate how you think this assessment will perform against the assessment criteria; i.e. 1st (very good/excellent), 2:1 (good), 2:2 (competent), 3rd (basic), fail (weak, very weak).
In order to ensure the assessment process is fair, we want to make sure that the assessment criteria are clear to you in advance. This helps us provide detailed comments on your work and clarify things you do not understand
Understanding, including knowledge

Applying, including analysis and evaluation

Researching, including range of sources, referencing and citation

Communicating, including grammar, structure and clarity

Anticipated mark: on the basis of your self-evaluation, put in what overall grade you expect to receive. Mark:

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