The following review of lectures should help Session 1 Where does the impetus for organisational change come from?

  • Use the module content to shape and plan your portfolio content.The following review of lectures should help Session 1 Where does the impetus for organisational change come from?
  • External forces for change
  • originate outside the organisation.
  • Internal forces for change originate inside the organisation.
  • External forces Globalization+Wider markets-Threats from competition Technological change+New products, improved processes & operations-Competitive threat if you don’t keep up.Changes in demography -size & structure of the population+Wider pool of employees, more customers-Market smaller, scarcity of workers/talent Government legislation & regulation+Happier workforce -less discrimination, more gender equality; safer products-Higher costs (health/safety, environmental compliance, shorter working hours, increased product cost)Economics+Boom -wider markets, take-over/merger opportunities-Bust -narrower markets, increased competition
  • Internal forces -examples
  • Changes in employees, expectations, motivation & behaviour
  • Employees not motivated or dissatisfied with their jobs
  • Affects their performance & performance of the business & its profitability
  • Need to resolve e.g. bonuses, time off, better conditions
  • Successful innovation
  • May require changes in production & marketing approaches
  • New product/market strategies
  • Innovation
  • Outsourcing
  • Downsizing
  • Falling productivity
  • Change, creativity & innovation Organizational Change Movement from present to future state, sometimes planned & managed, sometimes unplanned & unforeseen Benefits Without change, organization might simply fail to adapt, & cease to exist Creativity Process through which new & useful ideas are generated Benefits Facilitates responding to market pressures & becoming more responsive to customer needs Innovation Using ideas in solving problems, developing processes & improving how we do things in creating new products, services & organizations Benefits Helps profitable ways & meet challenges in cost-effective &/or profitable ways
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