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Writing a term paper is one of the most challenging tasks students encounter during their studies. Many students lack the time, skills, and keenness to write time papers that meet expected standards, especially in higher-level education. The grade a student receives at the end of every semester is largely determined by the grade received in the term papers. Students are required to employ all resources at their disposal to submit term papers that meet the stipulated academic standards of the respective institution.

Regardless of the area of study, students are required to adhere to specific writing guidelines when writing term papers. The requirements and instructions provided for every term paper are supposed to guide the student when exploring the subject matter and consulting experts on how to write a paper that meets expected academic standards. Many students find it challenging to follow provided instructions and end up submitting papers that do not provide comprehensive answers to the research questions.

Writing a term paper that covers the subject topic is not enough. Students are also required to format their papers using standard formatting styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. Depending on the formatting style required, students may be asked to provide a title page that contains the name of the student, title of the paper, class, and the name of the instructor. If figures and tables have been used in the discussion, they should be numbered accordingly and supported by a descriptive caption. If the figures and tables are extracted from external sources, they must be properly credited to the sources. Below are guidelines that students must consider when writing term papers that meet expected standards.

The Title

The title is the most important aspect of your term paper as it provides a summary of your thesis statement and discussion. The title of the term paper should be distinct, precise, and definitive.

The Introduction

The introduction of the term paper provides the opportunity for the student/writer to grab the reader’s attention by highlighting the subject topic of the discussion. It provides a general overview of the key aspects the writer seeks to communicate. A good introduction should illustrate the purpose of the paper and provide a general overview of the structure and organization of the discussion. The introduction should introduce the exact problem the writer will discuss in the paper-it should provide background information for the reader to understand the core argument of the entire discussion. A good paper should comprise not more than 10% of the paper.

Thesis Statement

The instructions provided in the term paper may require you to write a thesis statement and objectives of the study. The thesis statement is normally written at the beginning of the paper. A good thesis statement should express your arguments into one or two sentences. The thesis statement presents the hypotheses of the study and provides a summary of the ideas discussed in the paper.


The body of the paper is organized into sections in a format that supports your thesis. Subheadings are important tools for developing your thesis and enhancing the flow of the discussion. The headings of the sections must be precise, clear, and coherent.


The conclusion provides a summary of the main points of the discussion. A good conclusion summarizes the thesis statement, methodology, findings, and recommendations of the study. The conclusion should not be used to introduce new ideas, information, or facts. It should be structured to covey the closing remarks of the discussion.

Reference List

The reference list is a stand-alone page that comes at the end of the discussion. It contains all entries of sources that have been cited in the paper. Every entry must have proper in-text citations. The reference list should only comprise sources that have been used in the discussion. Instructors crosscheck reference lists to determine if they are formatted using the required formatting style and if they are properly cited in the discussion.

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