Demonstrate broad knowledge and understanding of key areas of business law.

Law for Business Managers (3000 words)

Identify the legal issues arising from factual scenarios/theoretical questions below and apply the appropriate provisions and principles of business law to provide a correct legal assessment of those issues

There are three parts (scenarios) to this assessment, and all are equally weighted. You must answer all three scenarios.

Scenario 1 (1000 words with an introduction, main body, and conclusion.)

Gemma has set up a new company called Clean Machine Limited, which supplies protective equipment to small businesses within the county of Bedfordshire. She is the sole director of the company but does not quite understand her role and remit. She does not know anything about the legislative provisions which govern the role. She would like you to explain this to her.

Scenario 2 (1000 words with an introduction, main body, and conclusion. )

Gemma employs Charanjit as a cleaner for Clean Machine Limited. Gemma has observed that he is regularly late for work and that his attitude is quite poor in relation to not only her but also other employees. Gemma regularly has to oversee Charanjit’s work and remind him to properly clean all of his allocated areas. Gemma would like to terminate Charanjit’s employment contract.

Advise Gemma on the process of dismissal and as to whether she is lawfully able to do this.

Scenario 3 (1000 words with an introduction, main body, and conclusion. )

Gemma is in a contract with Precious Time Limited. They supply materials to Clean Machine Limited. However, recently there have been problems between the two companies for a number of reasons. Gemma has been told by friends that she should take Precious Time Limited to court, but she is not sure whether this is the best way forward. Gemma would like you to advise her on the options available to her, so that she can resolve her dispute with Precious Time Limited. Gemma would like to continue working with them in the future.


Introduction…This question is going to discuss …. is going to look at what is available to this case…

Main body….

Conclusion This paper has discussed…etc

Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding:

• Demonstrate broad knowledge and understanding of key areas of business law.

Demonstrate the following skills and abilities:

• Utilise primary and secondary legal sources to demonstrate problem solving skills in a legal context.

Tips :

• Scenario 1 company law-Company director’s duty,

• Scenario 2 use employment law, employment rights,working time regulations , Contractual terms and how contracts can come to an end, Employment Rights Act 1996,Dismissal grounds section 98

• Scenario 3 if Gemma takes the client to court, she will have to cease doing business with them and she does not want. maybe look at Alternative dispute resolution vs litigation.


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