Discuss; what the author said in your own words.

Three (3) reading write-ups based on distributed articles. A three (3) page write-up must be submitted for each article for a total of 9 pages. Take a
minimum of five (5) excerpts from each article and compare and synthesize information from multiple sources (including print and non-print sources).

what the author said in your own words. Do not write a summary. Every response must be in your own words. Use as many citations in APA format where

Article 1: “Today’s Teacher Leaders” http://www.nnstoy.org/stoyblog/todays-teacher-leaders-who-they-are-what-they-do-and-how-to-be-one-for-your-at-promise-students/

Article 2: “The Characteristic Of A Good School” https://www.teachthought.com/learning-models/the-characteristics-of-a-good-school-great-school/

Article 3: “Today’s Education Systems” https://www.crpe.org/thelens/todays-education-systems-wont-support-tomorrows-learners

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