Project Management Ethics and Integrity:What are considered to be “ethical” business behaviors varied from country to country around the world?

This Competency Assessment assesses the following outcome(s):
IT301M5: Explain why ethics and integrity are important to the field of IT.
GEL-7.02: Apply ethical reasoning to ethical issues within the field of information technology.
PC-4.1: Assess the value of multiculturalism and diversity in a global environment.

The purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding of the importance of ethics in project management. You should complete the reading before attempting this assessment. The reading materials will be useful in identifying and describing the challenges of ethics in project management.

Assignment Instructions

Read the Professional Responsibility section of Chapter 12 of the PMP Exam Study Guide. Write a 1-page paper, using MS Word, which addresses each of the following points:

• Your analysis of the definitions of ethics and the importance of a project manager adhering to a “code of ethics” (i.e., What effect on human behaviors will the code have?).
• Identify what you think are the top three behaviors in what you would adopt as “your” code of ethics as it pertains to project management.
• What are considered to be “ethical” business behaviors varied from country to country around the world. For example, in some European countries, it is considered to be a savvy business practice to buy a product which is in limited supply with the sole intent of re-selling it for a higher price, whereas in the U.S. this might be considered to be illegal “scalping.

” How would you act as a project manager if you were working on an international assignment which called for you to do something which is considered to be “ethical” in another country but “not ethical” in the United States?
• Use the following sub-titles for this part of the Assignment:
o Definition of ethics
o Importance of project managers adhering to a “code of ethics”
o Top three behaviors in your personal code of ethics (be sure to link these behaviors to project management)
o How a project manager should respond to varying “situational” standards of ethics as they are encountered from country to country.

Minimum Submission Requirements

This Assessment should be a Microsoft Word document 1 page long, in addition to the title and reference pages.
Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, providing specific examples of concepts, topics, definitions, and other elements asked for in the questions. Your paper should be highly organized, logical, and focused.
Your paper must be written in Standard English and demonstrate exceptional content, organization, style, and grammar and mechanics.
Your paper should provide a clearly established and sustained viewpoint and purpose.
Your writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful.
A separate page at the end of your research paper should contain a list of references, in APA format. Use your textbook, the Purdue Global Online Library, and the internet for research.
Be sure to cite both in-text and reference list citations were appropriate and reference all sources. Your sources and content should follow proper APA citation style (It should include a cover sheet, paper is double spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font, correct citations, Standard English with no spelling or punctuation errors, and correct references at the bottom of the last page.).

Directions for Submitting Your Assessment

Name your Assignment document according to this convention: Name_MX_Assessment, but remove the X and put the number of the module (use your own name of course). Submit your completed Assignment to the Module 5 Dropbox by the deadline.

If work submitted for this competency assessment does not meet the minimum submission requirements, it will be returned without being scored.

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