Write a description of the current status of early childhood practices. What are some of the current trends?

Select one of the following sample topics:
1. Societal expectations for early childhood programs
2. Media, technology and young children
3. Elements supporting conceptualization of learning experiences for very young children
4. Assessment and evaluation of young children.
5. Early intervention practices
6. Cultural and second language issues and practices in early childhood
7. Concept Readiness and early childhood practices
Once you select your topic, investigate the status of the issue by locating relevant documentation (professional journals, publications). Include the following:
A. Description of the current status of early childhood practices
• What are some of the current trends?
• In what ways do they support developmentally appropriate practices?
B. Rationale for the selection of the issue/practice
• Why it is relevant?
• Who is impacted?
• How does it impact practices for young children?
C. Background information with supportive documentation
D. Discussion about the issue/practice
• Include comments from the literature and from the interviews
E. Concluding reflective comments

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