Once you have selected your poem & watched the video, do some research on the author of your poem

This week, we will begin research on your poem for the first major essay. To help get you started, below are a series of resources you can use to complete the required research component of the unit.


Watch the following video on research and academic databases:

Academic Databases:

Play media comment.

End Citation Help:

Play media comment.

Once you have selected your poem & watched the video, please do some research on the following:

the author of your poem [I strongly recommend using Poetry Foundation (listed on the Reading & Writing Resources page) as a starting point for this. Just type your author’s name in the search bar and read the biography/biographies that come up.]
context related to when the poem was published/references made within the poem [For example, “Dulce et Decorum Est” would benefit from research on chlorine gas and trench warfare.]
Please find at least three sources of research. To help you, I have attached a document detailing some places to help you get started:

Resources for Research_1102Poetry.docxPreview the document

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