Write three paragraphs about; Central Idea, Speaker and Tone, and Setting.

Write three paragraphs about, 1. Central Idea, 2. Speaker and Tone, and 3. Setting. Use the “Parts of the Whole” definitions for these elements of poetry, which are defined in the Handout in Module one, and in the “Writing About Poetry” chapter in our Anthology. (A thorough and specific job is worth 10 of the 30 points) Here’s what you do:

1) In this paragraph define the meaning or central idea of the poem for your reader. What is the truth it speaks to you? What does it say to you about life and how we live? Ask yourself: what is the reading is really about? Then ask yourself what the poem or story says about its main idea. If it’s about love, what exactly do you hear it saying about love?? Why do you think so? This is not a right or wrong answer—be thoughtful and explain yourself with example. Think about it. Be thorough and specific.

2) In this paragraph use two words to describe the Speaker of the poem–use some adjectives and adverbs– (aged, young, angry, hopeful…). Even describe how you see him or her–what’s are the dominant characteristics of the voice you hear in the poem? Read the poem aloud or find a reading on YouTube. Use two words to describe the Tone of the poem. Did the speaker’s character create the tone? What part of the poem did the most to create this Tone for you? Think about it. Be thorough and specific.

3) In this paragraph describe the Setting–the time and place of the poem. How is the setting of the poem established by the poet? –quote the lines that set the setting in your mind. How does time and place color the tone and impact the meaning? Remember to consider the smaller and larger settings—time of day, rooms in the house, a political, social, natural, psychological environment? What are the connotations or associations of the setting and how has the poet used them to amplify the meaning? Give examples and be specific.
Hannay 2 2 – Use two paragraphs to talk about the experience of the poem. (A thorough and specific job is worth 10 of the 30 points) Here’s what to do:

1) Use two words to describe your feelings during and after reading. Think and explain for yourself and your reader why you think you had these feelings. Make a connection to your own experience in the world—from your life, or another reading, a song, someone you know—has the feeling and truth of the reading been true for you, someone you know? How? Not true—close but different in this way……

2) Find the heart of the reading and quote it. What was the most important line, or word(s) for you? What words do you remember most? Quote that part of the reading. Look at the list of types of Literary Language(listed below on page

3)–does it fit one of these definitions? Which one(s)? Look at it again and think and tell your reader what makes it powerful or memorable or important. Why? Does it remind you of something else you’ve experienced or read? A movie? A moment? For some reason this word choice–this image—stands out in my mind because….

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