British values and beliefs effect the achievement rate of Afro-Caribbean boys in a South East London secondary school?

– Harvard style essay (not research paper) that contains reflections of my time working in a secondary school. Use reflections to make a point/back up theories. (I have written these reflections and know where they need to be inserted inside the essay I have also written the beginnings of the essay this can be changed/proof read if need be)

– Literature reviews. This can be embedded into the essay along with the reflections. Each point made needs to be backed up with arguments against.

– Conclusion reflection and How findings can relate to your own pedagogy – 500 words

– Attached is books/research I have engaged with, with some quotes. I do not have access to all books/writing stated therefore some additional research may need to be carried out.

– No bibliography needed. Just references page

– I am trying to achieve 50%-60% pass mark as you will see on the marking criteria.

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