Patient-Centered Model:What is taking place at Emory Hospital is exciting and certainly worthy of study?

FEEDBACK From Professor
This is in response to the proposal by Jake to complete a work-based experiential project to satisfy the HRD capstonex . It is evident that much time and effort went into drafting the proposal. What is taking place at Emory Hospital is exciting and certainly worthy of study. However, the proposal is denied for the following reasons:
1. The major issue concerns Jake’s proficiency for conducting this independent research project. In the section of the proposal inquiring as to the student’s proficiency in conducting independent research, the response does not address proficiency. Rather, the proposal is cited as the basis for proficiency. While Lennex had a strong grade in Organization Development, he had a much weaker grade in HR analytics, which is far more relevant and critical to the issue of proficiency. No other evidence was presented that supports Jake’s proficiency to conduct an independent research project of this sophistication.
2. Secondary concerns relate to the proposal:
a. In section two, the research questions are broad and vague. The intervention is described as moving from a functional, structured hospital to a patient-centered hospital. When is this happening? What does it entail? The second question has to do with how leaders will cope with the change. It is unclear as to which leaders, what does cope mean, etc.
b. In section three, the proposal ends mid-sentence.
c. Section four mentions a control hospital with no details as to how this control hospital compares to Emory.
d. Also in section four, it appears that morale is being measured using attendance. What is the evidence for using this measure to mean morale? In general, the constructs and measures are unclear as is the research basis for them.
3. The project is enormous in scope.
A resubmission that would receive a favorable review will need three things:
1. Provide evidence of Jake’s proficiency that will overcome the weak grade received in HR Analytics.
2. The proposal will need much more detail in terms of focusing the research question and defining the methodology.
3. The scope of the project will need to be significantly narrower to make it doable by perhaps focusing on a single unit within Emory and how the intervention of moving toward becoming patient-centric hospital has been achieved.

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