What is the curricular context that the assessment is focused on?

— 5 questions each for both topics (aiming for 90+%)In 1–2 paragraphs, explain a curriculum area that you would find in nursing program. Specify the purpose of your test. Is it formative or summative, and why? What is the curricular context that the assessment is focused on? Who is the audience? *You may use a curriculum area that you have already outlined in the week 3 assignment if you choose.

List 3–4 learning objectives for that curriculum.

Develop a test blue, print and 20 items test that includes each of the following types of test items and assessment strategies. Arrange the test considering principles of test construction. Include appropriate directions throughout the test.

Include the follow item types:

True–false (2)

Multiple-choice (2)

Matching (2)

Short answer/fill-in-the-blank (2)

Multiple-response (2)

Essay (2)

Context dependent (2)

Alternate format (2)

Multiple-choice questions within clinical practice framework (2)

Items of your choice (2)

Compose test written so they reach both the lower and higher level student.

Complete a chart similar to the one below in your paper. Include one test question for each level.

Include a basic test blue print similar to the layout found here. *Note that you will be asked to provide a more detailed test blueprint in your signature assignment. You may use this one as a reference point in your signature assignment.

— Need UWE Harvard referencing using this link:

— Detailed but concise answers

— Use both suggested references & ONLINE REFERENCES

— I am attaching the word doc where questions need to be answered, the practical sheet with background info and any extra info.

— Any problems; please ask- Thank you!


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