What are the weacknesses that a researcher face during research.

• Weaknesses or strengths of the study • What future research is possible Criteria • You will find an article on your research topic that you selected in Week 1. • The research article must be a meta-analysis study. • This article must be from a peer-reviewed journal. • You can find peer reviewed journals in the Brandman University Library. • You will be graded on flow of writing, grammatical correctness, and APA format. • You should include the following areas of the paper: introduction, purpose of study, method, subjects, procedure, results, and conclusion. • Put the citation for the reference at the end of your summary. • Put a heading labeled “References” before the reference. This title should be bolded. Follow with the appropriate reference information for the article you have selected. • You will find a sample of a meta-analysis summary in Blackboard. • Note: The summary cannot be more than a page in length. You will lose points if it is too long. • You must submit this with a title page in 7th edition APA format. Requirements for Writing Your Paper: • Your paper has to be in 7th edition APA format. • The paper must be double spaced with one inch margins on all sides. • Suggested: Use Times Roman 12 point font (or another APA approved font) • Citations must be provided in the text of the summary. • Ideas must be cited, as well as quotations. • Keep your biases out of the summary. Your instructor should not be able to determine what your view is by reading your paper. • Use quotations sparingly. A rule of thumb is no more than one on a page. • How you say something is almost as important as what you say. • It is critical that your writing flow well and have no grammatical errors. • This is a formal paper. Do not write as if you are speaking.
3 • Do not use personal pronouns (i.e., I, we, our, etc.) except as outlined in your APA manual.• Do not use the impersonal you (i.e., having a child impacts you.) • NOTE: Many people use computer programs to make sure APA format is correct. Many of these programs are not updated to reflect current APA format. Additionally, these programs do not correct your capitalization errors, punctuation errors, etc. How you type it is how it will be displayed. The programs just put things in the correct order. They are not smart programs. • Put 1 space at the end of every sentence (see APA Manual). • Paraphrase the work of others and give them credit. In other words, do not plagiarize. • You will be failed on your summary if you plagi

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