find an article that discusses the use of iPads in the classroom – so you will then critique the technique used, impact of use, implications of use


This is a patchwork assignment where this section is the second part of the patchwork. The first patchwork was a mini-review of two articles from chosen area (impact of IPads on teaching and learning at KS2).

Patch 2 (this one) requires you to find ‘An interesting and relevant example of practice in your chosen specialist area [c.500 words] This should be a description

and reflection of a specific teaching resource, approach or activity of your choice which you have used, observed or found

within literature (eg using an item from TES Resources or practice such as ‘using new technologies to provide student

feedback’) – setting out its key points and value to your chosen specialist area, with reference to literature.’


After discussing this with my lecturer, we agreed that the resource that I will analyse is an IPad. This is what my lecturer said:

‘iPad’ would be fine as that means you are looking at technology in general as a support for learning.

Therefore, for the second section, you must find a journal article that discusses the use of IPads in the classroom. Once you have found this, you must critique the technique used, impact of use, implications of use etc.

You must also refer to the lecture PPTs for this, as whilst doing the above, you must also include theories (behaviourist and social constructivism) and surface learning, deep learning etc.


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