Write an HR Mission Statement & 3-Year HR Plan&3-year business plan

Write an HR Mission Statement & 3-Year HR Plan&3-year business plan


1. 3-Year HR Plan :

Develop a 3-year strategic plan for the HR function of your organization. Include the current HR structure , and demonstrate how this structure will change over the next three years in the form of an organization chart. Include some detail on the responsibilities carried by the various positions in the HR organizational chart. CLICK HERE for an HR plan sample outline.Preview the document

2.HR Mission Statements :

Write a mission statement for the HR Department of your chosen organization during various phases of its development. Be sure to keep in mind each phase of the company’s development and a 3-year outlook. Refer to the reading and resources as a refresher on how to write mission statements as well as this week’s readings on the phases of HR. NOTE: these mission statements are for the HR Department of the organization, not for the entire company.

3. Write a 3-Year business plan for the organization, Look at the case study and use your judgemneta s to what things operationally would Phoenix need to do over 3 years to get it to the next level and meet its challenges.Think about this sequentially. What needs to happen in yr 1, yr. 2 and then yr. 3 The organization is Phoneix health and well being studio

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