Using the Nature readings, write a “persuasive” essay about the importance of developing an “ecological conscience.”

Using the Nature readings, write a “persuasive” essay [emotional appeal with some facts] about The importance of developing an “ecological conscience.”

Loren Eiseley writes: from The Immense Journey 1957
(3).”Flowers changed the face of the planet. Without them, the world we know-even man himself-would never have existed. Francis Thompson, the English poet, once wrote that one could not pluck a flower without troubling a star.”
(4) ‘Mine is no more natural than the world. In reality he is … the creator of a phantom universe, the universe we can culture – a formidable realm of cloud shapes, ideas, potentialities, gods, and cities, which with man’s death will collapse into dust and vanish hack into “expected” nature.”
(5) “the nature of the human predicament is how nature is to be reentered; how man, the relatively unthinking and proud creator of the second world – the world of culture – may revivify and restore the first world which cherished and brought him into being,
Jane Goodal writes: from a Time magazine article
(6) “Can we overcome apathy? Yes, but only if we have hope. One reason for hope lies in the extraordinary nature of human intellectual accomplishment. A hundred years ago, the idea of a 747, of a man on the moon, of the Internet remained in the realm of science fiction. Yet we have seen those things and much, much more. So, now that we have fmally faced up to the terrible damage we have inflicted on our environment, our ingenuity is working overtime to find technological solutions. But technology alone is not enough. We must engage with our hearts also. And it’s happening around the world.”

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