Was the appropriate data chosen, to answer the research question? Was the data assessed correctly? Why or why not?

Evaluate two of the exemplar final projects. For the peer reviews, all the items in the final project rubric and the course outcomes are fair game for your
commentary; however, follow this peer review checklist of 20 items to guide your critique. Each critique should be about two to three paragraphs. The reviews
should be more than a few sentences, but you do not need to write pages and pages. Before writing your review, read the Module Ten resources on effective
peer review. Use the peer review checklist to guide your review. You can also follow the checklist by writing bullet points and a couple of sentences for each
item. The point is to render an effective, useful review for the authors of the projects that you review.
Remember that good peer review is not just a yes/no evaluation. Rather, it should lead the writer to improving his or her work. Good peer review does not just
point out mistakes or faults, but it points the way to higher quality. You may use examples. You may treat it like a discussion and expound upon your thoughts to
help the writer.
Your peer review should include an evaluation of some aspect of each of the following larger categories: Introduction, Data Appraisal, Appropriate Techniques,
Defend and Evaluate Choices, Decision Tree Model, and Articulation of Response. Review the attached rubric before you complete this assignment.
Peer Review Checklist
1. Was the context for the research properly established?
2. Was the significance of the research properly established?
3. Is it clear who is making the decision?
4. Is it clear what the decision is about?
5. Is the research question clear?
Data Appraisal
6. Was the appropriate data chosen, to answer the research question?
7. Was the data assessed correctly? Why or why not?
8. Are there alternative data sets that could have been chosen?
Select Appropriate Techniques
9. Were the appropriate data manipulation techniques chosen?
10. Were the appropriate modeling methods chosen?
11. Are the methods relevant to decision analysis?
Defend and Evaluate Choices
12. Were the choices of variables correct? Why or why not?
13. Would you have chosen differently? Why or why not?
14. Were the appropriate decisions analyzed? Why or why not?
Decision Tree Model
15. Was it the appropriate type of tree?
16. Does the model address the research question?
17. Were model diagnostics performed, and if so, how well and what
does it all mean?
Articulation of Response
18. Is the writing clear, accessible and easy to read?
19. Are there any major improvements that you would make to
enhance this paper?
20. Is the paper relevant to decision analysis?

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