Explain the probable causes and what can be done to help increase employee satisfaction as well as employee and company performance.

Analyze performance management concepts and methodologies.

Introduction: To be competitive today, companies are continuously evaluating the overall performance of every area in the business, which includes their employees. Companies look for multiple ways to train and develop employees, including using senior managers who coach and mentor others. To acknowledge and promote higher levels of performance and retain employees, companies implement various recognition programs. Additionally, managers must establish clear performance guidelines and correspondingly measure employee performance in ways that help the company meet its goals and the employees achieve performance targets. This essay will give you the opportunity to analyze performance management concepts and methodologies.

Step 1: Read the following scenario and questions, and then use what you have learned about this lesson’s objective to consider your responses.

Rowdy, Inc. is an apparel company with a multicultural, multigenerational talent pool. Its clothing is manufactured in a large factory in China, its distribution center is in Des Moines, Iowa, its headquarters is in Los Angeles, and it sells all of its products online. The company has been experiencing a higher than normal turnover of its U.S.-based employees. In the last employee satisfaction survey, the employees complained that they did not feel appreciated by management and did not always understand their managers’ expectations.

Based on the lesson’s main topics, explain the probable causes and what can be done to help increase employee satisfaction as well as employee and company performance.

Suggest what Rowdy’s view of its human capital likely is at this time and what can Rowdy, Inc. might do differently with its view of human capital.
What types of strategies can Rowdy use to train and develop its employees in ways that will promote overall company success as well as the professional success of employees?
What types of recognition and rewards would be most advantageous for the multicultural, multigenerational talent pool at the company?
What are three best practices Rowdy could use to be more effective with managing human performance?
Step 2: Write a paper in response to the scenario and questions in Step 1. Please review the essay rubric prior to proceeding.

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