Provide a 1-page description of the essay you have chosen for the upcoming rhetorical analysis.

Before you take the plunge into analysis, it is important to understand the difference between analysis and description. So often, we think we’re offering an analysis and nuanced understanding about a piece when we are actually just describing what is obvious. For this assignment, you will practice understanding the difference. First, you will provide a […]

Write an essay for admission or for particular institutional scholarships.

The College Essay Many colleges and universities require entering freshman to write an essay for admission or for particular institutional scholarships. The Common Application is used by practically every Division I school and all of the Ivy league schools. This prompts is taken from the current Common Application prompts: The lessons we take from failure […]

Discuss how probability, effect size (power), and sample size are related to statistical significance. Use the Jones and Sommerlund (2007) article to support your discussion.

Statistical and practical significance are not the same thing. Statistical significance refers to the unlikelihood that mean differences are due to sampling error, while practical significance looks at whether those differences are large enough to be of any practical value. While statistical significance is important when examining any research finding, researchers should also examine the […]

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