How is it that evil is destroyed? What is it that the four main characters want and why?

I expect you to use secondary sources too. For most of the films, you will view there is much material noting their connections to India. How do you get an “A”? Demonstrate that you know the subjects. For example, if you choose the Wizard of Oz essay read one or two background texts on Buddhism […]

Define and describe all of the important elements of the Buddhist theme according to the course readings, lectures, discussion.

Title of the Movie: Tashi and the Monk In this paper, you will analyze how Buddhism shows up in a movie of your choice. It may be helpful to just choose your favorite movie. The movie does not have to directly mention or be about Buddhism. You will interpret how at least one of the […]

Apply Patrick Grant’s concept of ‘retrogressive inversion’ to a different example of Buddhism at war or in political conflict from the one he studies (Sri Lanka)

Suggested Topics:   Choose 1 —& state which Topic you have chosen   Apply some aspects of my interpretations of Religion in Political Conflict to one of the 3 cases we have studied in detail: the Sri Lankan civil war; Zen and the rise of Japanese militarism; or the Tibetan struggle with the People’s Republic of […]

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