What are some of the measures taken to protect women from domestic violence?What are some of the stereotypes created regarding women in society?

Brainstorming Research Questions
In my final essay, I have sampled out five contemporary issues with which I am conversant with, and I can research and produce an excellent article.
Gender and Equality
It is one of the contemporary issues that continuously hit the headlines periodically. There is an exceedingly hot debate going on regarding gender and equality. The controversy arises from stereotypes created by most cultures that men are superior to women and should receive all the preference treatment compared to women. However, the 21st century has instigated change against such cultural misconceptions. The topic interests me since I have discerned how women strive to maintain their voice in the community and seek to acquire similar preferences accorded to men.
Question: What are some of the stereotypes created regarding women in society?
Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is another current issue that affects most families globally. It is one of the most sensitive topics that victims fail to open up and speak about it. Domestic violence is among the causes of mortality in the state. The victims suffer in silence and endure the brutality from their spouses until their unexpected demise. Women are the most affected by domestic brutality for an extended period. Since they are perceived as inferior, they persevere the brutality aspiring to hold their families together, thus battered to death.
Question: What are some of the measures taken to protect women from domestic violence?
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare is one of the most prominent poets of all time. I am interested in this topic since I have read most of Shakespeare’s literature, and his content has prompted me to discern and know more about him
Question: William Shakespeare’s biography and some of his fantastic literature
Vaping among Teenagers in America
Vaping is a rampant issue among young adults in America. Most of them have turned into electronic cigarette consumption. Despite the rules banning vapors, the teenagers manage to purchase the gadget and indulge in excessive vaping.
Question: What are some of the adverse effects experienced by teenagers due to excessive vaping?
Poverty Levels in the Minority Ethnic Communities in America
The black American culture is one of the minority races massively affected by poverty. Even in the 21st century, lack of economic status is the primary factor that negatively implicates their lives in the state.
Question: What are some of the challenges endured by the Black Community due to poverty levels?

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