Scenarios:What is the essay about…. ‘this essay will focus on a case study’?

Please use this for the essay


• Use LO’s 1-5 to explain what the essay will focus on
• What is the essay about…. ‘this essay will focus on a case study’
• Do not copy LO’s – use your own words
• Use academic language
• A sentence regarding confidentiality NMC code 2018.

Aim is to:
• Stabilise the patient
• Treat underlying cause of what is happening
• Prevent further complications
• Promote recovery
• Definition of – M.I, stroke, chest infection/ COPD, it depends on the scenario you are doing.
• Pathophysiology of the condition – demonstrate knowledge and understanding – relate this to the scenario
• Use academic sources to back up statements made.
• Roughly every 100 words you will need a reference
• A-E assessments should be comprehensive – rationalise what and why you are doing it – normal ranges for vitals – Link it back to the scenario.
• Medical interventions including pharmacology
• Think about LT planning: referrals D/C planning
• Do not forget LO 5 – effective communication skills colleagues (SBAR, handover) Families (education).

• To recap on the scenario
• To provide an overall view of the care you have given in accordance with policies, guidelines etc.

• Use academic words and style of writing
• Be critical in your approach and use different sources. Peer reviewed, journals – Geeky medic and NHS are not academic!
• Referencing is important – use Cite them right to help you.
• Word count – do not go over or under – 10% either way.
• Be critical compare and contrast what the literature says.

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