Why the Middle Eastern states are been authoritarian?

Bibliography and citing sources into the essay by the Harvard style. Remember to insert the author’s surname, year of publication and the page where you take information from.


– Explaining what you will talk about briefly.

– How you will structure your essay

– Make clear your pinion/ position

1st Paragraph:

Define key concepts: authoritarianism & development.

– Explain that thy are two opposite concepts and what make them together in some countries, especially in the Middle East.

2nd Paragraph:

– What are the ways that authoritarianism is defined as an obstacle to the development of a specific country in general.

– Why the Middle Eastern states are been authoritarian?

– Focus on a case study, choose a country where the authoritarianism is an obstacle for development in the Middle East, making t as an example.

3rd Paragraph:

– Connect the concept of authoritarianism & development with defining other, such as oriental despotism and modernisation. What is their connection and how they can influence the development of a country?

4th Paragraph:

– Structural critiques as mentioned above in the section of “structural critiques”

– Capitalist development in the Middle East, take some other countries as a critical and real example. Take some graphic numbers from the publications of NGO or The World Bank

5th Paragraph:

– The ways of authoritarianism being an obstacle to development are also connected to the emerge of Regional Powers, such Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel. The overspending in military: report some data released by the NGO, the World any or any other international organisation or institution.

– The impact of authoritarianism on democracy & development

– Is authoritarianism a product of internal or external factors or both?

– Which ones are most important?

– Can authoritarian regimes really claim to be “robust” and “stable” in the post Arab Spring Middle East?


– Define your position and give an idea reconfirming what you have said in the introduction and paragraphs.

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