What is power? Why do people desire power so much?

Complete a five-paragraph persuasive essay discussing who is more responsible for the murder of King Duncan- Macbeth or Lady Macbeth.

Intro- What is power? Why do people desire power so much?
Identify title and author of work. Discuss how both played a role in the murder of King Duncan.
PotentialThesis-Although Lady Macbeth did contribute to the murder, Macbeth is more responsible than Lady Macbeth because he committed the act, wanted the crown and became too power-hungry.
Paragraph 2 discuss how Macbeth or Lady Macbeth committed the act.

Describe it in detail. Use examples from the text to support yourself. Find one short quote from Acts 1 or 2 to support your assertion, followed by a citation. Make sure to use persuasive language!
Paragraphs 3-4 same format- different assertions

Conclusion- Make a powerful statement about the murder and how it has impacted the play overall! Make a closing comment about Macbeth or Lady Macbeth and his/her role in the killing.

Discuss his /her impact on the play thus far.

Explain why people are so power-hungry in today’s society.
Stick to one point of view and acknowledge the counter at some point!
Do not compare/contrast two people; discuss who is most responsible for the murder!
Use strong persuasive language to support your claims.

This is for a sophomore English class. Please don’t make it sound too advanced. Medium level is fine. Quotes should be used from acts 1 or 2. Thank you.

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