Define Budget and explain purposes of preparing a budget.

Part3: Budget techniques and Company Finance: 30marks3.1.Define Budget and explain purposes of preparing a budget.15marks

3.2.What might be the main benefits of forming a limited company and listing it on a stock exchange.15 marks.

The word limit of2,500 words excludes numerical tables, bibliography and appendices.To assist you with this task you have been supplied with the following information:  Exhibit

1: Extracts from T-shirt Ltd Financial Statements for 2019, including the Statement of Profit or Loss, and the Statement of Financial Position.

1.3.Assessment Submission Structure Part 1: Business Performance Analysis1.1Statement of Profit or Loss

1.2Statement of Financial Position Part 2: Understanding Financial Information& Management of cash2.1 Accruals vs cash accounting

2.2Profit vs Cash flows Part 3: Budget and Company Finance 3.1 Meaning and Purposes of Budget.

3.2 Benefits of forming a limited company and getting it registered on a stock exchange Appendices Supporting calculations Bibliography as required

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