What research strategies have been used to investigate this debate/controversy?

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(Semester 1, 2020/21)

Assessed Coursework

HRM Dissertation

40% Assignment

This coursework is a 4,000 word document comprising two elements:
A 2,500 word length critical review of literature on a topic related to HRM and employment relations. This can be a review of the literature and research on one of debates covered in the module, or any other topic relevant to HRM and employment relations research (please check with your module leader if you are unsure about your topic).

A 1,500 word length essay outlining your proposal for your dissertation.

Your 2,500 word review of a debate/controversy in HRM and employment relations may consider the following issues:

What are the main theories and concepts have been used by researchers within your chosen debate/controversy?

What are the main studies which have looked at the chosen issues?

What research strategies have been used to investigate this debate/controversy?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of these research strategies for investigating aspects of the debate/controversy?

What are the unresolved research questions in this area, and what avenues of research might be pursued in the future?

Your 1,500 word dissertation proposal should include:

Aims and objectives of your proposed project,

A brief recap of the relevant literature (as set out in your literature review above),

A proposed methodology,

Reflection on any ethical issues raised by your proposed research.

Assignments should be a maximum of 4,000 words in length.

All coursework assignments that contribute to the assessment of a module are subject to a word limit, as specified in the online module handbook in the relevant module area of the MINERVA. The word limit is an extremely important aspect of good academic practice, and must be adhered to. Unless stated specifically otherwise in the relevant module handbook, the word count includes EVERYTHING (i.e. all text in the main body of the assignment including summaries, subtitles, contents pages, tables, supportive material whether in footnotes or in-text references) except the main title, reference list and/or bibliography and any appendices. It is not acceptable to present matters of substance, which should be included in the main body of the text, in the appendices (“appendix abuse”). It is not acceptable to attempt to hide words in graphs and diagrams; only text which is strictly necessary should be included in graphs and diagrams.

You are required to adhere to the word limit specified and state an accurate word count on the cover page of your assignment brief. Your declared word count must be accurate, and should not mislead. Making a fraudulent statement concerning the work submitted for assessment could be considered academic malpractice and investigated as such. If the amount of work submitted is higher than that specified by the word limit or that declared on your word count, this may be reflected in the mark awarded and noted through individual feedback given to you.

Faxed, emailed or hard copies of the assignment will not be accepted.

Please ensure that you leave sufficient time to complete the online submission process, as upload times can vary. Accessing the submission link before the deadline does NOT constitute completion of submission.

It is important that any file submitted follows the conventions stated below:

The name of the file that you upload must be your student ID only.

During the submission process the system will ask you to enter the title of your submission. This should also be your student ID only.





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