What kind of information and documents do you expect to receive from providers?

Each student will created a request for proposal (RFP) for one large ticket item ($300,000 or more) in a university athletic department. Instructions for writing an RFP are provided in the link below. The paper will be written in the format of an RFP with specific headings, categories and information. This project will take time to do the research, finding the appropriate information (including pricing), in order to do it well and gain the most from it. Plan ahead!

Identify all the key common sections of an RFP you should include by simply answering each and any of the questions Why? Who? hat? How? and When? as shown below:

Why does your organization need to buy a new solution?
Answering this question allows you to create the section called Statement of Purpose.
Provide a brief description of your organization.
This information will become the Background information.
What is the nature of your project?
What are the needs?
What are the expected outcomes?
Answering these questions allows you to complete the following sections:
Scope of Work
Outcome and Performance Standards
What is the contract?
What kind of information and documents do you expect to receive from providers?
How will proposals be evaluated and the best matching solution selected?
This information will be used for the sections:
Term of Contract
Payments, Incentives, and Penalties
Contractual Terms and Conditions
Requirements for Proposal Preparation
Evaluation and Award Process
When to submit questions, proposal?
When the decision will be taken?
What is the whole selection process time frame?
Who are the people responsible for evaluating proposals? For taking the final decision?

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