Librarian – Work motivation & Organizational culture: What is work motivation?

Enron case study

Questions for tutorial assessment:

1.Select two content and two process theories of motivation and describe the motivation of a typical Enron employee

2.How can ethical behavior of employees be encouraged within organisations?

Librarian – Work motivation & Organizational culture

Coursework Task, Format, and Assessment​Students arerequired to write an essay analyzing some workplace challenges.

Students should provide some practical suggestions to overcome these challenges, using concepts and theories learned in this module.The essay is worth 85% of the overall mark in the module.

This document sets out the task and format for the essay. The deadline for submission of the essay is ​10am on Wednesday 9​th​ December 2020.

Task You will be allocated a particular job role to analyse (e.g., teacher, doctor, engineer, etc.) in yourtutorial session after the reading week (Job role I am assigned to: ​Librarian​). You are the leader of agroup of employees in this job role. You need to think of some problems that your employees mightexperience which relate to ​ONE​ of the options below:

Option 1. ​Individual differences & Employee well-being (e.g. their characteristics and their workingwell-being-related experiences)

Option 2.​ Work motivation & Organizational culture (e.g. their job characteristics and theirworking environment) (This is the one I chose as a Librarian)

Option 3.​ Leadership & Group dynamics (e.g. their interpersonal relations in the workplace – withleaders and colleagues)You are concerned by the situation you have selected and wish to take steps to improve employee effectiveness. In this respect, you need to do the following:

●(A) Identify two features of your allocated job that might cause employee effectivenessproblems with respect to your selected option above and explain why. For example, how does the way this employee is rewarded affect their motivation? Or, is there a certain jobcharacteristic in this role that might affect their wellbeing etc.? One feature should relate toeach topic in the option selected (e.g., for option 2. One feature should relate to workmotivation and the other to the organizational culture)

●(B) Drawing on your two selected job features, apply the relevant concepts and theories youhave learned to explain and provide practical solutions to increase employee effectiveness inthese areas.

●(C) Explain the limitations of your approach, if any.Format

●You will provide a 1000 word essay addressing the above.

●Your essay should be structured with numbered subheadings and include the following:


●Analysis of Problems and Suggestions

●Limitation & Conclusion

●A complete reference list (this is not included in the word count and should be in the Harvardstyle of referencing)​Report assessment**

●Content (research effort, critical thinking, strength of analysis, use of theory,appropriate referencing)

●Structure/organization (clarity of argument, appropriate information, logica lsequence)

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