Highlight the key events from your own exposure to leadership

Overview and structure of the paper: c5% [100 words]
A very brief synopsis of what the paper will cover and any arguments you intend to make. Ensure this is simple, clear and precise. Ensure your paper is well structured and segmented and that your arguments are clearly laid out.

Explain your background: c15% [300 words]
Highlight the key events from your own exposure to leadership: include leaders you have observed, leadership roles you have had (no matter how big or small); how does this inform how you understood leadership before the course? What is your starting point – did you regard yourself as a leader and why (or why not)?

Use relevant Leadership Theory to reflect on your experience during the leadership challenge: c60% [1200 words]
Critically reflect on the Leadership Challenge course as a means to explore how you now understand leadership (and followership) and whether and why that has changed from your prior thoughts.

Reflect on yourself as a leader and/or follower: my strengths and weaknesses as a leader/follower are… The things I have done well are… Things I have struggled with are… In particular reflect on what happened during the Everest simulation, and the feedback you received after, and how that informs your view of leadership and/or followership. Remember, you do not need to have been the leader during the simulation to have a view about leadership during the Everest simulation or from your experience on the course more generally.

Apply leadership theory you encountered on the course (including preparation work), duly referenced, as a lens through which to understand your experience. Use the concepts associated with your chosen theories to expand upon your analysis. How does that help you understand what occurred? Critically evaluate both your experience and the theory you use – what is good about it, where is it incomplete or inadequate in light of your experience?

Always give examples from your experience, and feedback received from others on the course, including members of your group, to support your analysis.

My development plan: c20% [400 words]
Give a brief overview of the things you want to do develop your leadership experience and learning and why.

Be specific – what will you do, when, how and how will you get feedback? I will focus on the following… The help I need is the following… The actions I will take are the following…


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