Based on your current understanding how would you define information systems?

Create a reflection paper that contains an analysis of how well you met your personal goals set at the beginning of the course. The paragraphs should be of reasonable length but not more than 2-3 paragraphs or roughly 500 words.
Your assignment should reflect a careful consideration of the following questions:
Were you able to reach the goals you set at the outset of the course?
Yes. I have done excellent on assignments, discussions and quizzes. I am going to receive a high grade. I have also accomplished my goal in learning Tableau which I always wanted to learn so that I can have a greater chance to work in top technology company in the near future.
Have your goals changed? If so highlights how and if they were replaced by others?
No they have not changed. I want to continue to learn tableau and learn Microsoft power bi.
Based on your current understanding how would you define information systems?
Information systems can be viewed as having five major components: hardware, software, data, people, and processes. The first three are technology and the last two components are people and processes.
What are the two greatest difficulties you had taking this course in an online environment?
First time that I have to take an exam on Honorlock (which is platform that records you when you take an exam). Knowing the procedure and requirements on taking the exam this way was a little bit difficult. Also not having access to the professor after class to asks questions about things pertaining to information system management or/and ask for recommendations on what to learn to assist me with the career that I would like to pursue.
What three things surprised you most by taking this course in an online learning environment?
I was surprised how well I could work with by group via different platforms such as What’s App, Zoom and Google Docs. I was surprised by the amount of informative material regarding information systems management via the textbook, articles and videos. I was also surprised by the use of Slack. I like the way one can post informative articles and videos and one can respond or start a discussion. I also loved the iPremier saga and how it creatively showcases a real world problem and how real companies would react to one of these problems and shows how vulnerable information systems can be at times.
What three things would you change about this course? I would have l like to focus on tableau a little more. Also learn another program so that students can acquire more skills and be more competitive when starting their career. Have the option to do the group project individually if the person wants to work on it alone.
Please Note: Your final reflection should also meet the following criteria:
Your reflections should be thorough and thoughtful. Support your ideas by using examples, readings, experiences from your own knowledge base, other course work, etc.
Your reflections should address the question or problem. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to examine your thinking and learning. Make sure your reflections have depth and reflect critical thinking, analysis, and synthesis.
Your reflections should be complete and free of grammatical or structural errors.
Do not copy or use another person’s words when constructing your journal entry.

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