Compares and contrasts the multiple news items

Phys 252 Research Assignment Part 2



The purpose of this assignment is to gain experience in critical reading of primary source research documents. Research that has been featured in the science news media is often more accessible because secondary source materials are available to help interpret the primary source.

Assignment: The research result: Measurement of the time spent by a tunnelling atom within the barrier region Nature 583 (2020) 529–532has been featured in news items The journal article can be directly accessed through the University library using the following link:https://www-nature-com.cyber. note that the blue text above denotes hyperlinks; contact me if your pdf reader cannot access the hyperlinks.

Tasks: write a brief (2–3 page, double-spaced, 12-point font) document that

•Summarizes the published research paper

•Outlines the significance/implications of the research results

•Assesses how well the original research has been reflected in the science news media

•Compares and contrasts the multiple news items

•Describes how the topic relates to the curriculum of the course

•Identifies specific gaps in your current understanding that are barriers to understanding the primary research source (i.e.,what learning would improve your understanding?)

•Contains links/references to any secondary sources that you use. However, you should also include the news and original research in your references. Evaluation: criteria will include

•Completeness of required elements (40%)

•Critical analysis and reflection (30%)

•Quality of your presentation (formatting, visual appeal, writing style) (10%)

•Scientific accuracy (20%)Note that this Part 2 component constitutes 70% of the evaluation for the Research Assignment.

Advice: A complete understanding of the primary research source is not expected or required. Part of thepurpose of this assignment is to identify and articulate the limits of your knowledge in understanding theprimary source. Do your best to understand the article, using the since news items (and perhaps secondarysources) to help you.

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