Write an intelligent essay using 4 college databases for either The Sun Also Rises or the short stories of Pam Houston.


This essay requires research in the college library and the college databases. You must become well informed about one aspect of your topic. This should be an intelligent essay using 4 college databases for either The Sun Also Rises or the short stories of Pam Houston.

You may also use one web source only for a news articles relating to either work. Your thesis statement should be a clear presentation of the predominant idea you wish to explore in this essay.

If you find a relevant article in a newspaper, it should be located in a major American paper such as the New York Times or the Washington Post. Local newspapers are unacceptable.

In total, your Works Cited sheet should have 5 secondary sources as well as the primary source or sources.

1. A well-organized introduction that includes a thesis statement and at least 3 aspects of the topic you will present. Even if you begin the essay with a relevant or controversial quote, you must state the thesis and briefly identify your categories. Vague or foggy theses are unacceptable. Clarity is most important.

2. If you are beginning with a quote, you must cite it according to MLA style which is located in the most current MLA Handbook, 9th Edition or The Little, Brown, Essential Handbook, 9th or 10th edition. Then you must either agree or disagree with the quote and also include your categories.

3. The essay should include no more than 4 short direct quotes and two block quotes. Indirect quotes may also be included in moderation. This essay should consist of primarily your own writing. Please note that long quotes should be indented in block form, which are cited internally in a different format than short quotes. Long quotes for this paper must not be longer than 6 lines of text. Short quotes are preferable.

4. Please remember to sandwich your quotes in to your essay. You should introduce the quote, copy and cite the quote, and then comment upon it. Dangling quotes, those that seem inappropriately placed in your essay, are to be avoided. Quoted material should become an integral part of the essay as a whole.

5. Your paper should be 5 pages in length. I will not accept essays that are 2 or 3 pages long. You cannot develop your ideas and give supporting material in only 3 pages. The 6th page should be your Works Cited page. Please do not write Works Sighted, Work Cited, or Works Signed. I have received essays with all of the above, which are incorrect.

6. Remember that a good conclusion does not simply restate the thesis. It enlightens the reader about what you have presented with new insights without going off the topic and starting a new essay. This can be tricky. Double check your conclusion so that it is in line with the rest of the essay.

7. If you require individual assistance, please take advantage of the Writing Center tutors who will go over your essay in detail with you.

8. You must clear your topic with me before you begin writing. It should present your own individual view of the work or works in your essay, and it must be relevant to the theme of the class.

9. This paper must be submitted by the deadline for full credit.

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