Write a complaint letter to the PGA.ORG.


Write a complaint letter to the PGA.ORG.

There was a playing ability test held on 11/12/20 at Las Vegas National Golf Course. This was a 36 holes one day playing ability test (PAT). It was not a tournament and there were no prizes or money awarded. This was definitely not a professional qualifying golf tournament. this was a playing ability test (PAT) that we needed to pass for the pga program. In order for us to work in the pga golf industry we needed to pass the playing test and the knowledge test. basically, this is another option for us golfers who are not good enough to play on the pga tour or the european tour or any professional tour for that matter but wants to work in the golf industry. The southwest section office hired a new guy to conduct these PAT and he has been setting these courses up as if it was a professional golf tournament where millions of dollars were up for grabs. We do not want to play on the PGA Tour. A lot of us felt like a letter needs to be addressed because the tournament director will not follow the guidelines and/or procedures set in place by the PGA.ORG and we will continue to burn our monies and/or for some, change career path. If we don’t file a complaint and addresses these issues immediately then most of us will have no choice but to change career path. They must take ownership and uphold their own guidelines and procedures. We want our $160 money back! We can’t continue to get beat up both emotionally and physically due to the negligence of the tournament director. please help and thank you for your time.

Complaints from 11/12/20:

Flagsticks were not in a generally flat area of the green as indicated by the PGA.ORG but tucked in the back corner, 5 paces off the edge of the green, on a slope and on the edge of a slope and surrounded by bunkers. It was extremely difficult. the cup was slanted along with the slope which made it easy for the golf ball to lip out.

The yardage from the blue tees was well over 6,495 yards.

PGA Playing Ability Test Guidelines for golf course

setup for COMPETITION.

The golf course is set with the flagsticks in a generally flat area of the greens.

Mens tees setup approximately 6,495 yards

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