Using the individual blog space provided on GCU Learn, write a post that outlines your plans for the Sound Design Tool.

Main task

This coursework is designed to get you started with planning the software you are tasked to develop as part of Coursework 2. Using the individual blog space provided on GCU Learn, write a post that outlines your plans for the Sound Design Tool.

The post should document your initial design ideas for:

 Main user interface – this can be a screenshot of a mock up made in Max using the UI objects in presentation view, or drawn using MS Word.

 Patch structure – showing levels of encapsulation and how you might organise your patches for the different modes of operation.

 Algorithms you intend to use for each of the modes. You could present some ideas you have developed, and/or reference and discuss some literature you have found in research.

 Development timeline –present a Gantt chart here with timeline vs tasks. The idea is to set yourself some targets / milestones. You could create this is MS Excel.

The post should be a maximum of 1000 words in length.

Marks will be awarded for an engaging and well thought out post, and for clarity in communicating your ideas.

Completeness – the post outlines all design ideas required in sufficient depth and detail.

60% Clarity and engagement – well written, clear images and Gantt chart 40%

Module Number: M3H623531 First Diet

In each category, points will be awarded according to how well you demonstrate you have met the criteria:


Demonstration of meeting or exceeding all criteria in all categories.


Clear fulfilment of all criteria


Basic fulfilment of criteria


Inconsistent fulfilment of criteria


Failure to meet criteria satisfactorily

Submission Details

Submit your post to your individual blog which has been configured on GCU Learn in the Assignments section of the module.

Your attention is also drawn to the university rules on plagiarism and its repercussions. (available on the GCU website). The deliberate and substantial unacknowledged incorporation in your submission of material derived from work (published or unpublished) of another is prohibited. In such cases the work submitted is classified as illegal and will result in further action being taken by the University which may include recording a failure.

If you feel that you have grounds for an extension then you must contact the module leader well in advance of the submission date with your reasons. Note that personal equipment failure or loss of data are not considered adequate reasons for granting an extension. Any coursework which is handed in late without an authorised and agreed extension from the module leader will be zero marked. Documentary evidence supporting any claim for an extension will be required.

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