What other methods are available to assess cell death (apoptosis vs necrosis)?


Abstract: (max 250 words):

Write an abstract based on the author guidelines by the British Journal of Pharmacology provided below (max 250 words). Under the following headings:

 Introduction: An introduction with a clear purpose (Aim) or hypothesis.

Methods: In general the methods should contain enough detail to allow others to repeat the study. (Species, cells, group sizes and use of drugs and concentration)

Results: The abstract must contain numerical data in the text and appropriate statistical analysis (for this purpose an approximate value can be taken from the figure).

Discussion/conclusion: The discussion/conclusion should be comprehensible and logical, and not contain unjustified speculation


Introduction:             (around 500 words) Chronic Lymphocytic leukaemia, cAMP Background and mediators, Pharmacological targets in the cAMP pathway, What known about cAMP in CLL


Aims: One concise sentence


Methods: Provided (Just copy and paste)


Results: Describe the data (say what you see). Present the data in appropriate ways – graph (scatter plot, line graph, table?). Present the means +/- standard deviations.

DO NOT present your BSA standard curves


Discussion:   What do the results tell you?

What other methods are available to assess cell death (apoptosis vs necrosis)?

What could be the intracellular mediators that lead to killing

How does your data compare with published data in the field, for example cAMP in CLL

References:   In text: Smith et al, 2005

In reference list: Smith J, Jones M, Bloggs F and Brown T (2005) Without cell proliferation life wouldn’t exist. Journal of Important Results, 12: 32-36.

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