Write about a country moving away from democracy.


Write about a country moving away from democracy. Your paper should be double spaced, use 12-inch font, be no longer than 4-5 pages, and have a reference list for sources.

First, select a country profiled by Freedom House that is transitioning away from democracy and identify basic country attributes (rich, poor, homogenous, diverse, big, small, history of peace or conflict etc.) you believe are contributing to de-democratization. No longer than 1 page.

Second, identify/discuss how the country in question performs according to Freedom House criteria (human rights, civil society, freedom of expression, rule of law, elections, internet freedom, religious freedom, minority/LGBTI and women’s rights). In what areas is the country strong and weak? No longer than 2 pages.

Third, provide your own assessment, what factors do you think led to greater de-democratization for your case country and are things likely to get better or worse? Also, does democracy in the USA have anything to learn from the case country? A strong paper will incorporate ideas/theories/cases from assigned readings. No longer than 2 pages.

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