Etiology (Epidemiology): What are the causes and origins of this disease?


I. Etiology (Epidemiology):

What are the causes and origins of this disease? Is there any important historical significance to this disease? Where does this disease usually start? Is there a particular season for this disease? Is this disease communicable? How is the disease transmitted?

II. Physiological basis for this disease: 10 points

Talk about the healthy state of the body. For instance, if you are talking about cirrhosis of the liver explain how the liver works when it is healthy. If you are talking about tuberculosis then explain how the lungs function when they are healthy. Just because we already discussed this in lecture you are to assume no student has ever heard it before.

III. Pathology: 10 points

How does this disease alter the physiology of the body? What happens to the body as it passes from the healthy to the unhealthy state? How does this disease multiply and grow? What will the body do to attempt to bring itself back to homeostasis? Be very detailed. Include any and all physiological mechanisms that may breakdown because of this disease.

IV. Signs and Symptoms: 10 points

This section should include some of the most interesting or clinically relevant signs and symptoms. Do not just list the signs and symptoms and read them off. Each sign or symptom your list should be explained. The explanation should include how the pathology causes the problem. Go as in depth as possible on your explanation.

V. Prognosis and Treatment: 10 points

If there is more than one type of treatment, then choose only one or two that are used most often. Explain why this type of treatment is used for this particular problem. Will the person survive? What will their quality of life be like? How does this treatment actually work? Specify the mechanisms of this treatment and how it affects the pathology of the disease and the physiology of the body?

VI: Works Cited section: 5 points

Include a list of sources used as you researched your topic. You textbook is a good source of information, Merck Manual, and Taber’s Medical Encyclopedia. Sources do not need to be cited in a particular way, just make sure you cite where you gathered your information from.

Guidelines: Each section mentioned above should be one-paragraph minimum in length. Please format your paper using the guidelines listed above. You should use 12-point, Times New Roman font.

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