Provide a brief overview of the successful company that you have chosen to benchmark for management best practices.

In Final Project One, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:
Analyze how an organization’s goals influence organizational planning that informs strategic decision making
Analyze the functions of management and ethical principles for executing effective decision making in organizations
Apply management techniques that ensure the continuous improvement of personnel and business processes to measure
Apply communication techniques aimed at increasing employee performance, thus achieving organizational goals and objectives
Illustrate the important connection between management and organizational culture

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Introduction. Provide a brief overview of the successful company that you have chosen to benchmark for management best practices. Consider
including specific examples relating to the fundamental principles of management and the company’s mission and vision statement.
II. Profile of a Successful Company
a. Explain how the company has communicated its mission and vision within the organization. In other words, explain how the
company demonstrates the importance of the mission and vision to employees and otherstakeholders.
b. Identify the role management played in helping this company execute its strategic management plan. Justify your response. You could
consider including a specific example of a time when this management plan led the company to success.
c. Describe how management has helped to positively influence the organizational culture within this company. You could consider using
some specific examples, actions, or strategies that show how management has positively influenced organizational culture.
d. Explain management’s pivotal role in the decision-making process within this company. Be sure to include specific decisions made by
management based on principles of ethics. You could discuss specific decision-making models used by the company that may have helped
the company be successful.
e. Evaluate how the use of the functions of management within this company has adhered to the principles of ethics. You could consider how
using the functions of management while adhering to the principles of ethics may have impacted the employees of the company.
f. Explain how this company strategically uses human resources to develop its personnel. You could consider how this use of human resources
has enhanced the company’s business processes.


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