Create a Gantt chart, first complete the implementation planning worksheet.


the order will have 5 pages, divided into 3 section:

section 1: goal and objective. (1 page) Using the 2 docx file (Veteran homeless – Strategies and Activities and Veteran homeless – Theoretical Framework) to create:

One program goal

One outcome objective

Two impact objectives (minimum 2)

Two process objectives (minimum 2)

Use the file [PC Draft Goals and Objectives Matrix] for more information

Section 2: Gantt chart. (1 page)The purpose is to identify implementation tasks and designate a logical timeframe for initiation and completion.

Creating your Gantt

To create your Gantt chart, first complete the implementation planning worksheet. Use your responses on the worksheet to identify relevant content for your Gantt chart.

Your Gantt chart should include the following information:

Column headers indicating time (weekly or monthly)

Column for tasks and task leader

Rows that indicate the specific task and when in the timeline the task will occur – from beginning to end.


Clearly identify key milestones and essential tasks to implement the proposed program.

Present information that is legible and well organized.

Timeline should flow in chronological order.

Use color (as desired) to support organization and clarity.

Your completed Gantt chart should convey a visual timeline of the program from pre-implementation through evaluation.

the starting date is from 2021 and the program last minimum 2 years. u can either use excel or word to create it.

Section 3: Implementation Plan

the instruction is in [PC_ Implementation Plan Draft]

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