Explain why you support how the police handled the arrest of George Floyd.


You are a business owner with a net worth of $10 million dollars. In addition to running a very successful company, you also habitually donate $100,000 to presidential political campaigns.

Write a 2-page letter, as a business owner, to the current administration and to the district attorney in your county explaining why you will:

Continue to support the administration and the law enforcement in your borough/county with your $100,000 donation. Explain why you support how the police handled the arrest of George Floyd.

Research and include the name of your county district attorney in the letter.

– Include the definition of Jim Crow laws and explain why

they were made into law. [2 paragraphs].

– Include (4) bulleted Jim Crow regulations that were

enforced by police and private citizens if people of color

did not follow them.

– During the era of Jim Crow in the late 19th and early 20th

centuries, there were thousands of men, women and

children of color who did not follow the Jim Crow

regulations. Attach (1) photo to your letter that illustrates

the punishments of those people of color. E.g.:

lynching’s, arrests, beatings, kidnappings/torture, prison

sentences, etc. The picture that you choose must have a

caption that explains what is illustrated in the photo.

– Research the arrest of George Floyd and include (3)

bulleted details about the arrest in your letter. (Keep it

brief – 1 paragraph)

– Include the name of the police officer arrested in

connection to George Floyd and explain in 1- paragraph

why you think his arrest is unfair. Explain your


– Explain why you support how the police across the

country have handled the protests.

The letter must be in full-block format

Length 2 pages

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