Research and discuss AT LEAST TWO CONTRASTING views on sustainability from business point of view.

To Be or Not to Be? Sustainability Challenges for 21st Century Knowledge



Merriam‐Webster dictionary defines sustainability as “of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged”. In simple terms, sustainability can be defined as an ability or capacity of something to sustain itself. Sustainability has been a fervently and widely debated issue within the last decade, closely impinging upon the climate change debate. Those who do not believe that climate change is man‐made do not necessarily buy into the sustainability debate. On the other hand, corporations that have business interests linked to the natural resources, such as oil and mining companies, may be prejudiced in their interpretation of sustainability.


In this essay, you will research and discuss AT LEAST TWO CONTRASTING views on sustainability from business point of view. You will draw your arguments and discussion on both the views from a wide range of published sources that provide an in‐depth information and support. Essay should be built around the main topic and present your point of view in a logical flow supported by evidences/arguments/discussion from academic sources. Your trainer would guide you in planning and writing an effective essay. A well written essay would reflect new knowledge and a range of skills in in the subject area.


The essay must be written in your own words and appropriate referencing and citation must be used in all external references (preferred: Harvard referencing system: Your trainer/assessor will provide you with referencing guidelines). There is no specific structure of essay, but it will be expected that you will present your essay with at least three identifiable sections; Introduction, body (main headings) and conclusion.


The essay must contain sources/references from a wide range of publications including books, magazines, journals and online resources. Only online references will not be accepted. In an event where a book or a publication is accessed online or an electronic format, it should be appropriate referenced using the referencing guide. The essay must contain your own views on the topic and not just the review of the literature. The contents must be coherent and presented in a logical sequence (not just copy and paste from various sources) leading to a conclusion.


You essay should cover, among other issues;


  • What defines a knowledge, or a learning, organisation; and KM systems used by them
  • Relevance of sustainability to continuous improvement and knowledge management
  • Concept of quality and quality management models
  • Discussion on continuous improvement models used by the companies
  • Sustainability principles
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