How does “experience” actually work to differentiate a service operation?

Guest Experience/Differentiation

Hospitality: Guest Service Management Class.

Of the seven guest service topics (see “Individual Assignment Topics” in Assignments Tab or in Modules) that are available, you are assigned to write a 3 to 4 page, not including cover and reference pages, double-spaced, reflective/thought paper on the topic of your choice.

This paper is to be in APA style with cover and reference pages, although abstract is not required.

You must use at least 4 unique research citations, only one of which can be from the chosen “assignment topic” and the remaining three from other research on your topic.

Guiding Questions

1. How is experience different from service?

2.How does “experience” actually work to differentiate a service operation?

3.What do you think about Pine and Gilmore’s suggestions to create experiences in the article and reinforced in the videos?

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