Describe your study habits and their effectiveness.

Memory study plan


This assignment aligns with the following course objectives: 4, 7, & 10. MODULE OBJECTIVES:

You will describe your study habits and their effectiveness; you will use the theories of memory in the analysis of your current study habits to assess their strengths and weaknesses as a learner; and you will develop a new study plan consistent with memory theory. The ability to do so will be demonstrated in the completion of the following tasks: TASKS:

1. Complete the following BEFORE doing any other work on this chapter: Write a detailed description of your study habits up to the point of taking this class. Please be sure to use the headings and outline provided below to organize your documentation.


1. WHAT do you study? (What content, materials, etc?)

2. WHEN do you study? (What time of day, evening, night, do you study? When do you begin studying in relation to the actual taking of the quiz, test, exam?)

3. WHERE do you study? (What is the physical environment used for studying? This includes what is going on around you as you study.)

4. HOW do you study? (What specific study skills or techniques do you use?)

2. Please read this information about memory.

3. Please read this additional information about the Atkinson & Shiffrin theory of memory.

4. Please watch this video, also describes the Atkinson & Shiffrin model, but adds a second model (the Levels of Processing model-this is the discussion about “shallow vs. deep processing”).

5. Please watch this video, which address the issue of forgetting. 6. Review the Curve of Forgetting info-this was used at the beginning of the semester.

7. Please complete the Study Skills Checklist. The Cook Counseling Center also provides recommendations to address the areas identified in the Checklist. Use the same link for the Checklist above, but also click the + sign in the “Explore” box.

Then you can scroll and get suggestions for each area. 8. Type a response to each of the following for this assignment:

a. List and describe the What, Where, When, & How info from Task 1 above;

b. Critique your current study habits as described in Task 6a. What are you doing that is helpful? What are you doing that is problematic? NOTE: Use specific info from the memory theories and the Curve of Forgetting here-the application of that info is critical to this assignment.

c. What specific study skills do you use and also need to develop? NOTE: this is one application of the Study Skills Checklist info.

d. Develop a new study plan that incorporates the information from all of the sources above-use the same format as Task 6a: WHAT will you study? WHERE will you study? WHEN will you study? HOW will you study?

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