How is the thought process or the unconscious accessed?

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MAJOR LEADER(S): Who? Freud, Jung


Lack of resolution of intrapsychic conflict. Instinctual drives cause conflicts between the id and the ego, which causes fixation and disorders.

THEORY OF BALANCED HEALTH (WHAT GOES RIGHT) : How are disorders avoided or resolved?

Resolving the intrapsychic conflict allowing healthy development….making the patient aware of the unconscious conflicts through the technique of psychoanalysis, which takes the unconscious into conscious awareness.

ASSESSMENT METHOD : How is the thought process or the unconscious accessed? The unconscious is assessed through. Think about assessment as “How are changes measured in this theory?”

* free association in psychoanalysis
* dream interpretation
* projective testing

TREATMENT METHOD : What is the treatment method?

Resolution of this intrapsychic conflict through making the unconscious conscious. The analyst interprets the free associations or dreams of the patient through analysis.

Treatment=making the unconscious, conscious, and increasing self-awareness and insight

MECHANISM (The “HOW”) OF CHANGE : How does change occur as a result of treatment?

Change or development occurs through the resolution of conflict in the mind of the patient, allowing him/her to progress forward in a healthy manner.

GOALS/OUTCOME : What is the main outcome goal of treatment?

Resolution of conflict within the mind and experience of the patient allowing for healthy growth and normal development.

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