Research and evaluate the available platforms which are most often used to house an e-portfolio.

Rough Draft Project Proposal for E-Portfolio

The Proposal Assignment:


This assignment is an extension of the introduction to e-porfolios that I presented in class. The proposal will be the first part of your project to compile and prepare an e-portfolio which records your academic and professional achievements and which you can use as you begin your job search upon graduation.

For this proposal assignment, you will also learn, practice and apply the following:

  • Analytical thinking and reading
  • Your research and writing skills
  • Write clear descriptions and explanations
  • Thinking about how to design and present your material so that it is clear and easy for readers to understand
  • Self-assessing your writing and using your assessment to guide improvements in your


The purpose of the proposal is to familiarize yourself with E-portfolios and to research and plan for the final E-portfolio assignment which is due at the end of term.



  1. Research and propose your platform choice.

Step 1: Research and evaluate the available platforms which are most often used to house an e-portfolio. Provide a References list with the sources you have used to review the possible platforms. Your list should have a minimum of 3 citations in APA format.

Step 2: Present your research findings in a comparative table. Present a comparison between at least TWO different platforms, highlighting the strengths and gaps.

Step 3: Write a short paragraph outlining which of the platforms you have chosen to use for the final e-portfolio. Be sure to explain why you have chosen this platform.


  1. Gathering requirements.

Step 1: Review and evaluate other e-portfolios using this link:

Step 2: Choose TWO e-portfolios that you consider to be strong examples that you would like to use as models for your final project.

Step 3: Provide the links to these two choices and write a 150-250 word evaluation, highlighting why you consider these two examples to be strong.


  1. Conclusions: Your written plan and rationale.

Step 1: Write a 1-2 page proposal and rationale (300-400 words) to explain how you will apply what you have learned about e-portfolios in class as well as in your research conducted in Parts 1 and 2 of this assignment. Your plan and rationale should address how you envision the final e-portfolio project and should demonstrate how you are incorporating the research that you have done in Parts 1 and 2 here. Be sure to provide a cogent, focused and concise response to this part of the assignment.


Be sure to answer the following questions:

  • How will your decisions to apply these concepts make your final e-portfolio more compelling?
  • What artifacts will you be including in your final e-portfolio and why?
  • What are you proposing to exclude from your final e-portfolio and why?
  • How will you ensure that your final e-portfolio appeals to your audience?
  • What can you start doing now to make the final e-portfolio assignment easier?
  • Is there any training that you need to do to use the platform that you have chosen?


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