Inventory Management System, explain how this technology enables business innovation.

Inventory Management System

Write a 2-page paper based on the following requirements:

1. Overview of an inventory management system – 1 page

a. Explain how this technology enables business innovation.

b. Summarize how the Nike organization can demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility with the implementation of this technology.


2. Performance measurement plan – 1 Page Background: Nike is implementing an inventory management system to battle the supply chain issues the organization is experiencing.

a. Once the solution (inventory management system) is implemented, we must be able to measure how successful the solution is in solving the problem or taking advantage of an opportunity. This measurement is generally done over a period of time. Here, you will layout a plan that outlines how you will measure the success of the solution.

b. Explain how data will be gathered to measure success of the solution.

c. Explain metrics you will use as key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success and why you selected these metrics.

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