From a queer theoretical perspective – how might this framework interpret transgender folks fighting for the right to serve in the military?

Socialization: Self and Society

1) Kim Kardashian released a new line of body wear called “Kimiko” – however, she immediately received backlash from Japanese Americans as well as Japanese politicians/citizens because of her appropriation of the term ‘kimiko’ –in an effort to do some PR damage control re: her image – along with her new body wear line – she swiftly renamed “Skims” and delivered a detailed apology aimed at everyone who had initially complained about her initial misappropriation of the term ‘kimiko’ – explaining how she never intentionally meant to hurt anyone—because that’s not who she is as a person—-in this whole scenario —-which part illustrates Kim Kardashian’s “I”  and which part illustrates the “me” according to Mead?

2) I adopted my dog/son Argos from the local pound and I always say – he’s so spoiled now – because he takes my VW GTI for a spin down the highway – showing off his fast driving moves –well, last week a police officer pulled him over and said, “Excuse me Argos – do you know why I pulled you over?” and Argos didn’t hesitate to say, “Do you know who I am? I’m Argos Giorgi – Dr. Giorgi’s dog/son – so don’t even waste your time giving me a speeding ticket bro” —-in this instance Argos my son/dog is clearly flaunting my status which is _______________ while emphasizing his own _______________ status. As it turns out Dr. Giorgi is also a practicing attorney – but between being a dog parent, an attorney and a professor they can’t keep up with all their jobs which is a phenomenon called ________________.

3) There’s always one guy/relative during a Thanksgiving dinner who will blurt out an old conventional/traditional wisdom as if it’s some kind of new idea like, “Everyone knows boys like trucks and girls like taking care of babies” or “I’m not a racist BUT…….”—what type of cultural phenomenon is this? And why is it so effective?

4) Well folks – according to national intelligence – the Russians were trying to get Bernie Sanders elected as the next president of the U.S. Why would the Russians first help Trump get elected (who appeals to extreme right wing factions) only to assist the left (who might be more supportive of stronger socialist policies)- which theory best summarizes what’s being encouraged to happen here (culturally and politically)– and how might the outcome be functionalist for Russia in the end?

5) According to Simmel – when Lady Gaga wore a dress made out of raw beef to an awards show  – what was she attempting to achieve from a cultural standpoint?

6) My good friend Al Pacino happens to be 79 years old now – he used to be kinda cool when he filmed all those “Godfather” movies in the 70s/80s – but now he’s not that popular – one might say that he’s even going through a weird identity crisis as he has not accepted ______________________ aspect of aging out.

7) 3 years ago –  I met this really hot guy named Ronald McDonald – I can’t tell you how cute this guy is and he’s so comfortable with his ________________ identity because he wears bright red lipstick all the time, which I’m totally cool with because I’m attracted to all kinds of folks as I identify as ___________________ Anyway- when we last saw each other I had really long hair and he even told me that he LOVED my long hair, but I recently decided to shave my head – and now I’m kinda worried that when I see Ronald – he’s not going to think I’m attractive anymore. I’m a little stressed about it – so I ended up buying a wig so he can still run his fingers through my hair during our romantic happy meal dinner. In this scenario 1) which theory is highlighted and 2) how does intra-action occur in this scenario?

8) A few years ago – when the Syrian war/crisis began – Canada created an immigration policy that would ONLY ALLOW children and adult females from Syria to seek asylum in their country – banning all Syrian adult males – essentially breaking up families. From the perspectives of race, nationalism, ethnicities, sex and gender – what was the logic behind this discriminatory policy?

9) From a queer theoretical perspective – how might this framework interpret transgender folks fighting for the right to serve in the military?


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