Discuss strategies for managing change personally and organizationally.

Personal Action Plan to Maximize Information and Technology in My Public Service

So What?
Is managing information important to me as an elected or appointed public official, administrator, citizen, or other public sector stakeholder?
Why or why not?
If so, Now What? What actions am I going to take that will maximize my effectiveness in managing information to improve public services?
How will I stay current on emerging technologies that may have potential for improving public sector services?
What principles will guide me in sifting through data and analyzing information that can help me do my work?
How will I share this new knowledge effectively?
Link back to first DB on current state of how you and your organization manage information and then summarize the actions you are or will be taking to improve that.
This is the ‘Now What?’ module of the course. We have studied “What’ IM and IT are, discussed “So What’, i.e., how can IM/IT help me become a more effective public policy or services expert or administrator?

This module focuses on what we are doing (or will do) with this new knowledge.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

Apply what you have learned in this course to your professional career and the public sector organizations for which you work now or in the future.
Discuss strategies for managing change personally and organizationally.

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