Describe three of the Fair Information Principles.

To dive deeper into chapters 1 & 2 concepts. Learn to apply academic knowledge with
Computer Science & Software Engineering fundamentals
Create a 1-3-page paper answering the following questions.
1. Explain the difference between deontological theories of ethics and utilitarian
theories of ethics. This should be a solid in-depth answer, not a one or two liner.
2. Describe three of the Fair Information Principles.
3. Provide two examples related to CS or SE where these (questions 1 & 2) could
surface if you were working at a corporate job or even a school project.
Separate the paper with the question, then the response for each question.
You must submit your homework through e-Learning.
There is no “right” or “wrong” but your score will be based on your depth of thought
beyond classroom knowledge, readability, and completeness. I am looking for your
You may use your choice of page style and format, but please double space.
Plagiarism is not acceptable and will result in score of 0

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