What is the difference between society and culture? Explain.

Read chapter 1 in Understanding Social Problems. Answer the following the
1. What is the difference between society and culture? Explain.
2. What are the differences between an ascribed and achieved status? Create a list of five
ascribed statuses and five achieved statuses.
3. List three social conditions that you believe are social problems. Why do you believe
they are social problems? Explain.
4. What are three types of norms? Explain the difference between them and give examples.
5. What are the three major theoretical perspectives in sociology? Explain the differences.
6. What are manifest and latent functions? What would be the manifest and latent functions
of protesting social injustice?
7. In viewing society as a set of interrelated parts, structural functionalists argue that
proposed solutions to social problems may lead to other social problems.
a. What are some solutions that have led to social problems? (do not use the
example in the text)
b. Do all solutions come with a price to pay?
c. Can you think of a solution to a social problem that has no negative consequence?
8. What are two general types of conflict theories? What are the differences?

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